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Scott and I have been homeowners for more than a month now and have actually lived in our house for 3 weeks. We are very much a work in progress–as I understand from the many, many shelter blogs that I have followed since before we decided to buy a home, we will be in this ‘work in progress’ stage until we slap a “for sale” sign in the yard (hah! never!) and move on to our next project. We are pouring our blood, sweat, tears, and a good percentage of our bank account into this structure we call home–and it’s worth every band-aid, laundry load of sticky t-shirts, tissue, and dime.

First things first, floors. Our previous owner had a dog, and an apparent aversion to housework. Finishing the floors had an amazing effect not only on appearance, but, frankly, on the house’s unpleasant aroma. We were referred to an excellent and insanely affordable flooring company that took our floors from gross and grimy:

….to clean and shiny.

It was a transformation that took the house from “oh my gosh, I can’t sleep here, and what is that smell?” to “Feels like this could be home.”


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Someday, Scott and I will tell our children about the journey we took when we bought our first home. Knowing Scott, who loves a good reminiscence, we will tell them this story over and over again. We weren’t sure what to expect on that fateful October day when we started our search.

This was how I felt when I got to the car:



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